7 Steps of Fresh Air

It is no secret that a healthy body is a healthy person. We want to remind you once again how a walk in the fresh air affects your body!

Did you know that the time it takes to play a small field is about 30 minutes to 1 hour, but a large field can be completed in hour to two hours?

See how walking in the fresh air affects your body, depending on how long it lasts:
• 3-minute walk in the fresh air – lowers blood pressure
• 5-minute walk in the fresh air – will improve your mood
• 5-10 minute walk – encourages creative thinking (a great way to find a solution to a variety of sore situations or find inspiration for upcoming holiday gifts)
• Going for a walk 15 minutes after a meal – lowers blood sugar
• Going for a walk (preferably fast and active) 30 minutes after a meal – a walk will help you control your weight
• After a 40-minute walk in the fresh air – reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
• But a 90-minute walk in the fresh air – reduces depressive thoughts (exactly what is needed in these dark and gloomy time of the year)
Isn’t it great that you can give all seven benefits to your body with just one game of disc golf?

What can we, the UFOGOLF team, say from our own experience? A game of disc golf and an active walk in the woods calms us down – we don’t throw plates at home when we’re upset (it’s very actual in Covid-19 time when all the family spends most of their time at home) we throw the discs on the court! It’s a joke, for your daily dose of humor. But if we are serious – let’s meet in the field and enjoy nature together, walk in the fresh air and restore strength, energy and joy of life regardless of the weather – the main thing is to have the right clothes!