Disc golf – Your sport during COVID!

While all sports are restricted or even banned, meanwhile disc golf continues to gather more and more players. Currently, the most accessible form of sports and active recreation – disc golf. There are already more than 20 golf courses in Latvia and their number continues to grow. Disc golf is an individual sport where each player has their own equipment and the game takes place outdoors in areas where, even playing 100 people at the same time, they do not even feel the presence of others. Players on one track, divided into groups of 3-5 players and play in a circle or more. Active walk in the fresh air!

Darkness is not an obstacle!
UFOGOLF offers a disc golf game even in the dark!
Illuminated baskets and discs create a whole new gaming experience – come and #staromezaparka!
Play night disc golf on weekdays and weekends from 6pm until … at least until dawn.

On Saturdays and Sundays, from 12:00 until dusk, you can play a regular day of golf on the day.

Price for night disc golf 10 Eur for adults, 5 Eur for children.

Groups of up to 10 players must register 2 days before the chosen match date. Before the game, the coach explains the rules and teaches the first steps of disc golf.
P.S. Taking care of the safety of the visitors, we disinfect all rental discs after each player.