Schools play disc golf in May

In May we offer visit schools Mezaparks, where in addition to ZOO, Wild Cat and minigolf, but is also a disc golf course UFOGOLF!

Disc golf is a “flying saucer” game which is often compared to ultimate frisbee, but in reality, this game is very similar to golf. Traditional golf player’s task is to hit the ball into the hole, while the disc golf the player’s main task is to throw the disc in basket.

In this game the focus is on the fact that the activity It takes place in the open air, relaxed and in an orderly environment. With everyone’s shots in the direction the player is amended You have the opportunity to improve their performance. However, its main disc golf essence is that it can be played at any season and everyone – tall and short, thin and snug, girl and boy, and grandfather and grandmother.

In order to register your preferred day and time – call or write!