Disc golf festival in small disc golf courses in Latvia!

“UFO TOUR” will take place for the second year and this time we will play through the seasons from February 15 to November 14, 2019 in various small disc golf courses in Latvia – Vilce, Lielvarde, Valmiera, Kandava, Odziena, Cesis, Aluksne, Palsmane, Balvi and Riga.  The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle by spending your spare time actively and actively playing disc golf.


• February 15 – Vilce
• 14 March – Lielvarde
• April 11 – Valmiera
• May 16 – Kandava
• June 6 – Odziena
• July 11 – Cesis
• August 15 – Aluksne
• 5 September – Palsmane
• Oct. 24 – Balvi
• November 14 – Riga (final)

The competition is divided into groups:
• Men Who Can Play (801+)
• Men who learn to play (800-), if necessary, we provide game equipment and training!
• Women Who Can Play (650+)
• Women who learn to play (649-) provide play equipment and training when needed!
• Young people (up to 15 years old), if necessary, we provide game equipment and training!

Participation fee 10 eur for adults, 5 eur for youth.

Let’s play 2 laps, take part in different contests, draw bigger and smaller gifts among all participants regardless of the results.


Prizes will be added to the first round!

LOTTERY – TALLINK cruise to Sweden, Reynolds route training in golf and winter fun.
There are possible additions to the prize list from the organizers of each stage, which will be communicated to Facebook.


the prizes for each stage will also be in the finals, but in the finals as in the finals there will be extras …
1000 eur cash prizes for 1st to 5th place in 5th player groups. There must be at least 6 rounds to qualify for cash prizes!

Registration for the competition takes place both on the website www.discgolfmetrix.com and on-site at the competition venue.

Registration on place at 10:00 start for first lap at 11:00 then everything depends on the number of people 😊

Find more information on each stage on Facebook!