UFOGOLF already 10 years

UFOGOLF was founded on September 24, 2010


The idea of ​​UFOGOLF came about in the autumn of 2009 when two friends during a brainstorming thought they could develop something new and unprecedented. One of the founders, Agnis, was passionate about golf and wanted to be able to play golf all year long. Then, while searching the internet for an alternative to golf, he found disc golf in the US. Golf with only flying saucers! The idea took off immediately and so much that both friends found the nearest disc golf course, Jolumae Park in Estonia. Unbeknownst to him, but very much in love with the game, the two decided to try a disc golf event, a race and immediately went to Estonia in the winter to take part in the competition. How fortunate or unfortunate the first race was the Estonian Winter Championship, again at Jolumae Disc Golf Park (theirs will understand what they unknowingly signed up for). But all this did not frighten, on the contrary, it ignited a spark.

Further searching for information about disc golf in Latvia, they both realized that there was nothing … a niche for new enthusiasts. Although the sport of disc golf behind the scenes in Latvia was started by Jānis Lūsis in Mežaparks in the summer of 2009, it was not the time yet. Coming back to the characters in our story, Agnis and John started planning where the new disc golf course would be. The first place was planned for Sigulda. Two sites were found, two squares were planned – one in Sigulda Castle’s ancient pedestrian park and the other in the old balloon meadow area of ​​the Gauja valley. Presented by Sigulda City Council, it all stopped with the answer – if you can install a disc golf course, then you can already have a golf course. Sigulda dreamed of a golf course. So both friends were looking for new cities, new places. Traveled both around Latvia and searched …

Agnis working at LGK amusement park in Mežaparks opened an unprecedented “Plunkšķis” water attraction in 2012. So in the summer, a survey of the Mežaparks area started and a place for a disc golf course could be set up. After several meetings with the management of Mežaparks we met the green light and in the spring of 2013 the building of the square started, so that on September 1, UFOGOLF would land in Mežaparks with its first 9 basket pitches. Next, events are not well known to anyone and can be found on the Internet. Avery Jenkins, world champion in disc golf, also came to visit the small square, thank you to Discsport.lv and Gatim for this opportunity. Many thanks and thanks to Janis Zosars for giving UFOGOLF a fresh start. We were asked to look for a new place in the park due to the rebuilding of Mežaparks. We planned, searched and moved to where we now have the DiscGolfPark big square with 19 baskets and the small Ufogolf square with 10 baskets.

What have we achieved !? Everything we could wish for – the Latvian Cup had a full field or 95 players, Latvia played 100 baskets, Mežaparks 118 years 118 baskets played, Latvian Championship, Innova Baltic Tour, Latvia – Lithuania, World Champions and discus golf stars who visited Ufogolf At Forest Park – Avery Jenkins, Gregg Barsby, Philo Brathwait, Eagle Mcmahon, Will Schusterick and Simon Lizotte set the track record quietly with Anna Riekstins. But let’s not stop there – we continue!

Let’s celebrate UFOGOLF 10 years with a 10-year event where we will play disc golf a little differently! How!?

At the beginning we will play BINGO-BANGO-BONGO on the small disc golf course!

Then we will play BINGO on the big disc golf course!

After the game we will have a delicious meal with GRILLHOUSE and JS MEISTARDARBS.
After the meal there will be different activities and in the end we will reward the best!

Participation fees:
5, – EUR for children / young people up to 15 years of age
12, – EUR for annual card holders and UFOGOLF club members
15, – EUR by registering in time by 22 Sep. at 24:00, DGM page – payment on the spot!
18, – EUR late registration and on the day of the competition!