Outside was barely begun spring. A little more thronged under the shade of muddy, gray snow mountain remnants, but the warm rays of the sun, could imply that they too will soon disappear. Lily of the Valley their first small sprouts were already out and placed here and there could already be felt in the flowers. The first butterfly this year – a patchwork, which tells of colorful summer. Nature is awakening and awakening the desire to wake themselves. Two (deep in the heart) rural boys, but now settled in the city, its life and school taught the boys had decided to take new steps, even at that time, an unknown direction. Boys always like to play as boys always be boys. And once in the book smart people gathered and listened to gossip, they took note of the disc golf. The first shot, the first basket, chain sound that sounds when hitting the basket, joy, tension and freedom … These feelings both took so much that the two decided – this sense, we can not hold the candle under a dowry. This was the UFO Golf. If you ask why UFO golf – if we just look into the dictionary of the Unknown Flying Object (UFO) and UFOgolfers like to say that this is the little secret that everyone can discover for yourself!